Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mini Knits

For work I'm in the process of making a teeny tiny cardigan for a little girl marionette. Because she is a marionette, the sweater has to be very flexible so she can move around, but her total height is only about 10 to 11." So I ended up getting the thinnest yarn I could find and then unwinding it into three strands. I've been knitting with just one of the strands. I'm using size 5, 6" double pointed needles, so the resulting knit is loose, and pliable. It is very time consuming though. So far I'm about half-way through the first sleeve, and that's after about 3 hours of work.

Below is the little girl minus her head, hands, and feet. Also, check out the tiny little Victorian-style booties that I made to fit over the top of her shoes!

It reminds me of that Chuck Jones cartoon (about Tom Thumb maybe?) where an old farmer and his wife wish for a baby and they end of with a tiny son - but I always remember the scene where the wife is pregnant and is knitting thousands of little baby booties...I wish I could remember the title....

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