Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tower 37 excerpt now online!

Click the image to view the clip full-screen!

An excerpt from The Incident at Tower 37 (the CG short that I worked on most of the time while I was at Hampshire) is now online. The short is still making the rounds on the festival circuit so Chris (the director) can only put parts of it online, but it is still pretty exciting to see it being seen! Read more about the film at the website and at Chris' blog

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Shannon said...

So I saw your post on Craftster about a year ago about your Where the Wild Things are masks. I'm wondering if you still have them, and if you would be willing to sell them. I'm a college student and would love to go as them, but have absolutely no time to make them on my own! If you are willing to park with them, could you email me at I'd appreciate it.