Thursday, December 17, 2009

My First Picture Book!!

Well...sort of. I was commissioned via Etsy to turn a poem that a grandmother had written for her grandson into a set of two hard bound picture books. I did all the illustrations in Photoshop. I had never actually done any bookbinding before the project, but I was confident in my abilities to follow directions. I bought two "Bookbinding for Beginners" kits that I found online. Each kit comes with all the supplies you need (plus step-by-step illustrated instructions) to create a 5.5x4.25 book. The one difficultly that I ran into along the way was that the poem was pretty short. Even when I broke it up to basically one page per line, the book ended up having only 10 pages. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough pages to actually bind. I ended up getting the images printed on cardstock, and that added thickness did the trick! The books turned out great and the bookbinding kit was incredibly helpful. I'm now eager to make more and more books! I hope that the woman who commissioned them enjoys them as much as I did.


jazzlamb said...

Ooh. Looks really really cool. Fun and light. Lovely work!

Sarah Clark said...

Thank you! It was a really fun and informative project

Alice said...

that's gotta be the cutest frog i've ever seen! congrats on the book !