Friday, January 29, 2010

WIP - Roadblock

One of my goals for this year is to really start experimenting with a watercolor painting style. I've never really done it before and I think it's a medium that works really well for picture book illustration. I don't actually have watercolor paints, but I remembered that I have these really nice calligraphy inks that my aunt gave me one year for my birthday (probably back in high school) that I never really used. They ended up working wonderfully!

I only have one sized paint brush that works with watercolors, so things are starting to get a little muddy, but I'm happy with the direction this is going - especially for a first attempt with the medium! I still have a little more work to do before I'll feel like it's really finished. Pictures coming soon!


xenos said...

this is your first attempt? wow. this turned out perfectly.

Sarah Clark said...

Thank you!