Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art update!

Lots of exciting news over at Robots! in 3D! Adam and I just finished the first issue of the comic and we're cranking away at issue #2. You can read it through from the very beginning here. In my spare time I've also been working on some side painting projects/ commissions. Click through the jump to see some close-ups of the new finished pieces

These two smaller pieces were commissioned by a friend as a gift for her boyfriend. I liked working at a smaller scale with these two (8X10 and 5X7 respectively). The two are painted on cold press water color paper with my japanese ink set. I also used some acrylic paint in the top painting (with the submarine) to create the waves/sea foam. And as you can see by the image before the jump I've been making slow progress on the Wrinkle in Time illustration. I had to put it aside for a bit to think about where to take it next, but after having completed the two smaller paintings I feel like I'll be able to take another whack at finishing it soon (after I get some Robots! work done of course). 

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