Monday, October 6, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are - Masks!

So I know I've been neglecting this blog recently. But there's a good reason for that. All of my spare time after work for the past month and a half has been spent working on these masks:

I'm so excited with the way that they've turned out. The only thing left to do is create teeth and horns for three of the four masks. Here are some individual pictures

Now to make the body suits.....


Jana said...

You friggin MADE these! I'm so jealous! I was going to be like, "hey, cool stuffed animals, where'd you buy them!" Holy shit girl! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

1) your masks are super awesome

2) we have the same body pillow

3) i can't wait for xmas. i miss you something fierce.

-other sarah

Jonny said...

are you at all interested in doing an adult max pajamas? can you email me at either way?

Cale said...

I'm doing the monster with the striped fur right now, and I have it papier-mached. I have the paint, but I'm wondering what to use for teeth, What did you use? And where can I get some fake fur aside drom the kind of expensive elmer's faux fur?

Sarah Clark said...

Last year I used sculpey clay for the teeth (the kind that you bake) and attached it with hot glue. That worked alright, but wasn't the nicest looking option. This year I got some blocks of styrofoam from the craft store, shaved them into teeth shapes, covered them in gesso, and then attached them with Gorilla brand super glue. This worked really well and you have more control as the teeth are more flexible.

For the fur, I just went to a fabric store. No matter what it will probably be a little expensive. If you go to a chain store like JoAnn's or Hancock, it will probably be in the $10-15/yard range. If you go to a more professional store, it will probably be more like $20-40. I keep my costs down by keeping an eye on sales - most fabric stores have sales on faux fur around Halloween time.