Monday, February 8, 2010

WIP - Muddy

I want to try and do my Illustration Friday entires for the next few weeks using traditional media. This week the theme is "muddy" so I came up with a sad little pig that hates walking in the rain (again sorry for the pictures - the scanner is still out of commission!):

I start by sketching out the drawing in my notebook. At this stage I do probably 20 or so quick doodles exploring the pose or feeling that I'm trying to create before I settle on one that I feel most accurately captures my original idea...

I then refine the doodle using my lightbox. I have two animation lightboxes, one portable and one built into a desk, but the portable on works the best in this instance. I got mine here before I started my Div III and it's lasted me a good few years now.
I trace the drawing once on plain printer paper (on the right) and again on watercolor paper (on the left). Each time I refine my shapes.
And then I start painting! I've got the first layer of flat colors down and drying. Check back in a few days for the final illustration!

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